HerSolution Review

You may have heard about a product called HerSolution, aimed at treating female libido problems. There’s certainly been quite a lot of talk about it lately, so we decided to do some research and find out just how well it really works. Of course, as you might expect, it’s not exactly easy to find a woman with such problems on demand, especially on short notice, so we had to resort to more research-based methods to base our review on, but worry not – the information we’ve gathered leads to more than obvious conclusions!

The basics

HerSolution comes at a fairly low price, which falls somewhere within the standard price range for products of its type - for examples see wwwextenzereviewinformation.com It comes in the form of a gel which is applied to the genital area, after which it begins taking action and improving your sexual libido.

The gel has several effects on your psychology and organism, the most noticeable of which is a sudden increase in desire for sexual intercourse. This effect takes some time to manifest itself, so you’d need to apply the gel well beforehand to ensure proper timing.

Another cool benefit of the gel is that it improves lubrication in the vagina tremendously – so even if you’re experiencing dryness problems, this will relieve you of them and let you experience life in bed as it truly should be! This works remarkably better than standard lubrication gels, as they tend to wear off halfway during the sexual intercourse, leaving you dissatisfied and irritated.

Apart from these effects, the gel makes the vagina more sensitive than usual, thereby increasing the pleasure derived from the intercourse. However, make sure you don’t overuse the gel for this very reason, as the effects will turn negative and make you overly sensitive, something which you should be looking to avoid at all times.


We did notice some problems with the product, mainly in the way it runs out too fast if used regularly – and we mean even faster than other similar products! On the other hand, it doesn’t cost that much, so you should be able to keep buying new stock whenever you need it.

We should mention the free trial offers as well – you can get free samples of HerSolution from the company’s website, so if you’re still not convinced that this product can solve your problems, they can easily convince you with this offer!